Organic Water Soluble CBD  

Organic 100% Water-Soluble CBD for Pain Relief | Nanoized Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Zero THC | 20X More Bioavailable than Regular CBD

Franny4U is pleased to be an Exclusive Distributor of the FIRST CBD product of its kind on the market.

Life Infused Pain Relief+ by SGT Nutraceuticals is a Zero-THC, Nanoized hemp extract supplement. It is made of real Nano-particles for the best possible permeation of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB).

Conventional CBD oils take hours to see an effect, as particles are 1000-5000 microns large, barely enough to be absorbed by your body. The full effect is not realized!

The nano-particles of Life Infused are 10-25 nm. It's easily absorbed by your body within 5-10 minutes...getting to where it is needed IMMEDIATELY.

The result? In a daily dosage, you will see BETTER CONSISTENCY of positive health effects.

Life Infused is an extract of industrial hemp in its purest form. It is not Nano-Enhanced, which -- while claiming to be 5X more bioavailable than conventional CBD -- is still too large for the body to absorb it quickly and effectively. Most CBD oils marketed as "Nano" have particles that don't even approach 100 nanometers.

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